Dr. Lydia Bean

Lydia Bean is a Harvard-trained sociologist, movement strategist, and author of The Politics of Evangelical Identity (Princeton University Press, 2014). Dr. Bean writes and consults on state power-building, religion in public life, grassroots organizing, civic leadership development, and expanding the electorate. Her research has been published in the Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion, Social Science Quarterly, and Sociology of Religion. As a strategic consultant, she has advised movements and foundations on how to build power and shift policy on a variety of issues, including immigration, criminal justice reform, and climate change. As a professor at Baylor University, she previously taught courses on inequality, race, religion, and social theory. Dr. Bean completed a Ph.D in sociology at Harvard University and a bachelors at Austin College.

In 2014, Dr. Bean founded the organization Faith in Texas to organize faith communities for economic and racial justice, building this nonprofit from a startup to a staff of 12 and a network of 50 congregations. She has almost two decades of regional experience in Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi since co-founding Friends of Justice in 1999. She is a member of the Scholars Strategy Network and the Leading Change Network. Lydia Bean is married to Norman Lee, a public artist and co-principal of RE:site Studio. Analysis and commentary on this site are her own.

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